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Short information about Parkinson & Deep Brain Stimulation Patients
Number Of Patients With Parkinson's Disease
It is estimated that there are more than 10 million Parkinson's patients all over the world, while this figure is estimated to be 150,000 throughout Turkey.
Average Age Of Treatment
The likelihood of Parkinson's disease increases as you get older. Parkinson's patients are usually over 65 years old, but are likely to be ill in younger ages.
Parkinson's Diagnosis
The course of Parkinson's disease is slow. A patient can spend 20-30 years with this disease after receiving a diagnosis.
Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery
10 to 15% of Parkinson's patients become candidates for long-term surgery.

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"...Rağmen Mavi"
Professor Dr. Ali Ismail Türemen has been awarded with many prizes, participating in many exhibitions and biennials with his works, organizing around 40 personal exhibitions throughout his art life. The exhibition opens its doors to the visitors from May to June 30 at İş Sanat Kibele Gallery.
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329 Deep Brain Stimulation Patients came together for 'Guinness World Record'
Deep Brain Stimulation patients broke the Guinness World Record on April 7, 2018. Gülben Ergen also participated in the organization as a guest singer.
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200 Parkinson's Patients came together in Istanbul!
In the 200th year of the identification of Parkinson's disease, 200 Deep Brain Stimulation Patients came together in Istanbul. Nükhet Duru and Durul Gence performed at the event.
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14 Deep Brain Stimulation Patients came together to play soccer.
Parkinson's patients who continued their daily lives with Deep Brain Stimulation played soccer with Basaksehir Sport players.
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The stories of our patients struggling with Parkinson's disease for many years and returning to normal life thanks to Deep Brain Stimulation.
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