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Deep Brain Stimulation Patients are getting ready to enter Guinness

The Anatolian Fire (BeyPilDer) Percussion Team, made up of persons with DBS and Parkinson's disease, made their final preparations to enter the Guinness Book of Records.
Parkinson Meets Percussion

Deep Brain Stimulation Patients burn Anatolian Fire!
Parkinson's patient drew a picture in the Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery.
Ali Ismail Türemen who had been Parkinson's disease for 14 years, he continued to drew a picture while was undergoing brain surgery.
200 Parkinson's Patients came together in Istanbul
200 Deep Brain Stimulation Patients came together in Istanbul. Nükhet Duru and Durul Gence performed at the event.
Deep Brain Stimulation Patients came together
Society of Deep Brain Stimulation Patients brought together. Video of the patients who lived prior to treatment and subsequent changes were monitored in event.
She's on stage for Parkinson's patients!
Nükhet Duru is on stage to give a morale concert for 200 Parkinson's patients who have implanted a deep brain stimulation.
Parkinson's patients will meet at the training session !
Society of Deep Brain Stimulation Patients, with the support of Bakırkoy municipality, will hold a patient information meeting with Parkinson's patients and their relatives on the subject of "living with Parkinson's".
They played soccer with those who survived Parkinson with a Deep Brain Stimulation
Medipol başakşehir players played soccer with 14 people who had a deep brain stimulation.
Society of Deep Brain Stimulation Patients played soccer with Başakşehirspor.
Our footballers played a show match with Parkinson's patients who returned to their daily lives with their Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery.
The treatment of Parkinson's disease will be discussed at Medipol University Hospital at this weekend.
Society of Deep Brain Stimulation Patients organizes the first patient information meeting at Medipol University Hospital in order to raise awareness of patients ' relatives and society about movement disorders and to increase social awareness.
Society Member Mehmet Kahyaoğlu ran for Deep Brain Stimulation Patients.
Kahyaoğlu ran for the Society of Deep Brain Stimulation Patients.
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